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Royal Argan was founded with the belief that pure natural solutions are the healthiest options for our skin and hair. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Healthy skin goes far beyond esthetics and vanity. It is an important part of our overall health. When we apply creams or lotions loaded with chemicals, our skin absorbs and stores them as it is unable to break them down. The build up of chemicals in our skin might cause premature ageing, allergies, and sometimes even skin cancer.

The Royal Argan product line was created with this in mind. Our products are 100% chemical free. They are not formulated by a chemist, nor are they manufactured in a lab. They are simply made of the finest and purest natural ingredients, used as they are without any processing or modification and packaged in eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging. Our products are tested for safety, quality and purity.

Argan Bioreserve in Essaouria, Morocco

Royal Argan Oil has a unique Moroccan heritage which sets the company and our Argan oil separate and on a higher level than the rest.

Royal Argan Oil is not only 100% pure and guaranteed, but also brought to you by people who pride themselves on their old Moroccan heritage and wisdom. We have been in the business of making Argan oil for domestic and local commercial uses for the past 50 years. This is a family business where we take pride in cultivating our Argan tree plantations and employing the traditional methods of Argan oil extraction.

Argan Bioreserve in Essaouria, Morocco

Our fathers handed this business to us, just like their father's handed their business to them. For us Royal Argan Oil is a family heirloom which we are willing to share with the rest of the world.

As such our Royal Argan Oil is absolutely pure and maintains one of the highest possible qualities. Our product is reviewed and certified by international and national bodies to fit the best possible standards.

We at Royal Argan are proud of our Argan Oil and the people who help make it.

With Royal Argan, you are not just buying an excellent high-quality natural product; you are buying our heritage, culture and our unmatched passion.

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